October 26, 2020

Our offices in Oakhurst are currently closed due to a Public Safety Shutoff. Pacific Gas & Electric estimates the power to be restored sometime on Tuesday. We should be able to resume our normal operations on Wednesday if there is no delay in restoration. We will be working with reduced staff from our Fresno location during the outage as most of our staff’s homes are also affected. Please email any questions to gma@grantmercantile.com or access account information via our client portal, a response may be delayed.

We have several ways for you to pay online. We have spent the time and effort to make sure your transactions are secure and to give you a safe and reliable way to pay your bills from the comfort of your computer. We have SSL Certificate Protection set up to protect our clients have partnered up with services that have been in the business for years.

We accept payments with the following methods:

  • Check Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Money Orders/Bank Checks