Assistance & Training

As your collection specialist, Grant Mercantile Agency can provide your staff with specialized training in debt collection techniques and A/R management. Through a series of workshops and training seminars, GMA can help your staff to become more productive and efficient. Our informative workshops can be held on-site at your facility and can be customized to meet your specific needs. GMA's trained professionals have received rave reviews and are available to assist your staff in learning how to improve their Collection Skills and Recoveries by:

  • Using Effective Collection Techniques
  • Negotiating for Payment in Full
  • Overcoming Objections and Debtor Stalls
  • Managing Stress and Dealing with Difficult or Irate Debtors
  • Using Goal-Setting Strategies
  • Recognizing the Declining Value of Past-Due Accounts
  • Preparing or Following a Collection Policy
  • Identifying and Qualifying Patients for Charity Care and/or Financial Assistance
  • Observing all Debt Collection Laws and Regulations

Please contact GMA's Client Services and Support staff to learn how GMA's Training and Assistance programs can benefit your organization.