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What collection services and other specialty services can we provide for you?
Grant Mercantile Agency is a full-service debt collection company. We specialize in every aspect of the debt collection process to help our clients recover as much as possible:
  • Early-out/ Pre-Collection Letter Service

  • Retail Collections

  • Medical Collections

  • Commercial Collections

  • Insurance Follow-up

  • Lien Tracking Service

  • AB774 Charity Identification/Billing

  • Payment/Installment Collections

  • Training/Education/Consultation

Do we have bilingual collectors?
Yes we have at two or more Spanish-speaking collectors on staff at all times.

Does Grant Mercantile Agency use a bonded Client Trust Account?
Yes. All funds collected on behalf of our clients are deposited directly into our trust account at United Security Bank in Oakhurst California. This trust account is insured and bonded by ACA Enterprises' Insurance Department, which is underwritten by Employers insurance of Wausau, A Mutual Company. Deposits into our client trust account are further insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

How are accounts handled after assignment to your agency?
Immediately following assignment, accounts are scheduled to receive a series of automatic notices. The first notice contains the required 30-day validation notice and all subsequent notices are mailed approximately every 30 days thereafter.

During this auto-notice period, accounts are also processed through our predictive-dialer. Accounts that send partial payments, respond in writing or by telephone are routed to a collector based upon an alpha division. (ie: one collector may handle accounts A-D and another collector may handle accounts E-H, etc.) An exception to this rule is disputed, legal, problem and/or large balance accounts, which are routed to a senior collector or supervisor for special handling.

Accounts, which require skip tracing, are routed to a special skip-tracing desk for electronic search and location information. A designated skip tracer will attempt to contact the debtor and collect the balance due. If successful in obtaining a debtor's commitment to payment, the account is added to our payment-tracking queue for review and follow-up by a designated collector.

Does Grant Mercantile Agency report account information to Experian, or other credit reporting agencies?
Yes. All accounts are reported monthly to Experían fdba TRW, Trans Union, and Equifax credit bureaus. The credit bureaus may then retain the information we send to them for up to seven years following the date of service or date that the account was written off as a bad debt.

Does a specific dollar amount determine how an account will be worked?
Yes. Although all accounts are distributed equally among our collectors, large balance accounts of $1,000.00 or more receive additional handling and review by our collection supervisor to insure complete follow-up. Collection follow-up on small balance accounts of $35.00 or less may be limited to fewer collection notices and telephone calls and may warrant less extensive skip-tracing efforts. Otherwise, all accounts are worked equally.

How does Grant Mercantile Agency insure positive public relations between their clients and their debtors?
We have always believed that public relations between your patient/customer and our agency is very important. Our collectors are trained to always promote our clients and our agency in a positive manner while attempting to collect a debt. Many have received special recognition and certification through educational programs and seminars offered by our trade organizations. At a minimum, all collectors have completed our in-house training materials and computer based training programs. As a result, our collectors are able to recognize and deal with patient collection problems in a positive manner. By providing our collectors with proper training, they are better prepared to assist your patient/customer in resolving their financial problems and obtaining payment when others might have failed.

Because of our positive public relations policy, our collectors have earned an excellent reputation. Although we must sometimes play tough in order to obtain payment, we train our collectors to be polite, professional and courteous in their collection efforts and ask them to treat all debtors as they would like to be treated.

What are your agency's strengths?
Grant Mercantile Agency has a very knowledgeable and experienced management team. We take great pride in our integrity and excellent reputation as professional debt collectors. GMA has a proven track record for providing superior customer service and satisfaction while maintaining high recoveries at competitive collection rates. As your "One Stop Collection Service," GMA can provide you with all your collection needs, whatever they may be.

This business management philosophy has helped GMA to attain steady and continued growth since our formation in 1972. As a result, we are very proud to say that Grant Mercantile Agency has:
  • A very experienced and dedicated Management Team

  • Some of the highest employee and client retention rates in the industry

  • Experienced collection staff with extensive training and certification

  • Very knowledgeable computer programmers available to help you

  • Quality Collection Training Seminars and Workshops

  • Superior Service, Recoveries and Client Satisfaction

  • Expanded National Collection Territories

  • A first-class "One Stop Collection Service"

  • Above all, the finest Clients an agency could hope to represent!

Why should you select Grant Mercantile Agency?
Because GMA wants your business and you deserve the very best from your collection agent. No where else will you find a professional debt collection company with more dedication and determination to earn your business and loyalty. As your collection agent, you may confidently rely and depend upon Grant Mercantile Agency as your single source for:
  • Reliable collection recoveries at competitive rates

  • Prompt and courteous customer service

  • Dependable access to specialized Training and Education for your staff and collections department

  • Preferred pricing and assistance in obtaining Credit Reports from Experían fdba TRW, Trans Union and Equifax

  • Clerical Assistance with coding and packaging of accounts for assignment to GMA's collection program

  • Creative and Flexible Solutions for your Special Billing and Collection Projects

  • Informative Collection Reports, including GMA's ability to receive and/or transmit collection data by tape, disk or encrypted e-mail

  • Professional Collection Services, backed by more than ? years of combined Top-Management Experience

When can GMA begin collection efforts on our accounts?

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